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Thunderon Advantage

Thunderon® gives you proven, unmatched static control.

Thunderon® is a patented, extremely soft material made by chemically bonding copper sulfide to acrylic and nylon fibers. This outer layer becomes a part of the host fiber itself, which precludes the 'flaking' problem experienced by other conductive fibers. The fiber diameter is available in two diameters, 0.07 mm (0.0028") and 0.11 mm (0.0043"). Its conductive layer is a super thin 300-1,000 Å (angstroms). Thunderon® has an electrical specific resistance of 10¹ - 10²Ω/cm.

Thunderon® performs better than conventional carbon, stainless steel, or metal-plated fibers. Thunderon® offers unmatched corona discharge, superb conductivity, enhanced abrasion resistance and superior bend recovery, and antibacterial and odor-elimination properties. It is available in a wide range of materials, including filament, cloth, rope, tape, yarn, and in finished brushes.

Thunderon® is ideal for use in printing, office machines, business machines, photo finishing, paper converting, plastic converting, and textile machinery. It also has bacteriostatic applications in hospitals and clean room environments.​

Thunderon® Fiber: Superior Corona Discharge Performance

The conductive layer of the Thunderon® fiber is a very thin layer incorporated onto the outer surface of a fine diameter acrylic fiber. This configuration makes the Thunderon® fiber the best conductive material available for Corona discharge.

The physical property of the Thunderon® fiber is determined by the host acrylic fiber's characteristics. Compared with other widely used fibers like carbon or stainless, the Thunderon® fiber is much softer and has superior bend recovery when the fiber is in contact with a charged material. A brush made with Thunderon® fiber retains its original shape and lasts longer compared to brushes made with carbon and stainless steel fiber.

Corona Discharge

Corona discharge is an electrical discharge brought on by the ionization of a fluid surrounding a conductor, which occurs when the strength of the electric field exceeds a certain value. Corona discharge is improved if conductive material has the following characteristics:

Fine diameter material with sharp point
High number of sharp conductive points
Each point should be separated from another point thus forming a pitch
Conductive point should be installed vertically to the surface of charged material

Discharge capacity: In applications like printing or film roll processing, where static will be generated continuously, grounding is a must. When proper grounding is not provided, dissipation will drop significantly.

Thunderon® fiber has a specific resistance of 5.85 x 10­² Ω/cm.
Use the following formula to convert the surface resistance/10 cm into volume:

P =​      
R x D
9 x 105 x L x d
P = Specific Resistance
R = Surface Resistance
D = Denier
L = Measure of Space
d = Specific Gravity

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